Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Truth be told, I feel like crap right now.  My cold that was supposed to go away is putting up a pretty good fight and apparently we (the cold and I) are battling it out to the very end.  I have been drinking apple cider vinegar like it is water, inhaling every fruit and vegetable that I can find and still it does not seem to be working.  Don't worry though, I am pretty stubborn too and like I said, there is NO WAY this cold is messing with the plans I have coming up.  One being lunch tomorrow with Brooke Jaffe, Fashion Director of Accessories and Shoes for Bloomingdales!  Cold or no cold, I will be there.  AND, my Best Friend arrives in town on Thursday so that we can head off to our other Best Friend's bachelorette party for the weekend.  See what I mean?  Give it your best shot cold, you will lose.

Even though I feel terrible and need to go rest, I could not leave without sharing these measuring cups and butter dish from West Elm.

I don't know why but I love them.  They are random, bright, eclectic and I just can't stop thinking about them.  This is what I get for looking at the catalog.  Just another thing I can add to the list of "since I moved I now need EVERYTHING new".  Oh to be able to register again....


  1. I adore these! We're super into birds of all kinds over here. My brother is getting married this summer and I'm totally jealous of their registry...sigh.

  2. Okay! We have too many similarities! I have the yellow owl measuring cups! Love them! Bought them for my current obsession with yellow and then my slight obsession with owls!


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