Monday, March 19, 2012

I Won!

Hello Jimmy Choo Aimee Pump.  It is nice to meet you.  A few weeks ago I made a bet with my hubby.  What did I get if I won?  You!  He was so convinced he would win that he was willing to place this large bet.  Being that this was over a pair of INCREDIBLE shoes, I felt that I had the upper hand.  Seems my determination beat out his and I am happy to report that you will now be an official member of my closet, just in time for Spring!  My hubby is pissed as much as I am excited.  Lesson to be learned here?  Never make a bet with a woman when it involves a pair of shoes.  She will always find a way to win.

UPDATE: I have already received some comments on what the bet was so here you go.  Two years ago my husband went out and bought a gym quality rowing machine.  He was obsessed with CrossFit at the time and was "going to use it all the time".  Fast forward and the thing sat in our bedroom, HARDLY used.  When we were moving, I told him I wanted to get rid of it because it was a waste of money and took up space.  He said absolutely not, he was going to use it.  I told him fine, but if he did not use it at least twice a week from February until April, I would get these lovely Jimmy Choo's.  He said DEAL because he was so convinced that he would do it and would never have to get the shoes.  He was actually doing a great job until this last week.  By Wednesday I realized that this was going my way and could I have said something?  Sure.  But why would I do that?  By the end of the week, I had won and he was not happy.  I think he will think twice before placing bets like this again.    


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