Monday, March 12, 2012

New Week, New Shower

That's right.  One week from my 12 hour trip to San Francisco, I was attending another bridal shower.  This one was for my little sister and I was hosting it at my home with my other sister and a family friend.  This was my first opportunity to entertain at the new place so it was fun to see how the space and backyard were utilized.  I always love when family and friends come together to celebrate and this was no exception.  I am now officially done with showers and we will be moving on to the bachelorettes for both brides soon.

Love you tons J!  So happy for you and A!

The centerpieces
Me with my beautiful sisters.  The bride is the one in white.
My favorite cupcakes from Suzi Cakes.
I was SO annoyed I could not have one...who said I should give up sweets for Lent!
People socializing around the bar (champagne was flowing well)
10 years after my wedding Williams Sonoma still has the same wrapping paper.
Time to change it up people.
Baby Girl and my niece were over gift opening.  Time to draw.
All the "W" Girls.
From the left: my sister, my niece, me, my mom, my youngest sister and my sister getting married


  1. Congrats to your sister! My brother is getting married soon too. :)

  2. Sarah, The shower was amazing. Everything was beautiful and we love your new home! You are the perfect host !


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