Monday, March 26, 2012

Product Review: The SugarSNAP Files

I will admit it, I am a diaper bag/pool bag/any child bag hoarder.  My house may be perfectly clean (most of the time) but when you take a look into any of the bags I use with my children, they are a terrible resemblance to Mary Poppins carpet bag.  The only problem is, she can simply pull out the next item while I have to dig my head in and figure out where my keys are among the old cheerios, toys, clothes, diapers and everything else I have in there.

Two mothers, both with their own sets of twins, must have felt the same way I did because they took this annoyance and created a way to save our sanity with the The SugarSNAP files.  I had heard about these a while back while they were still in production and was anxiously awaiting the day they "might" send me a set to try out.  I received mine last week and right away was impressed with how they were put together.  A durable clip system allows you to select which files you want to use.  Depending on where you are going, take them all or just a few!  Also, I loved the tabs that were created.  They obviously know what a mom needs because they are broken up perfectly to accommodate to everything I just might need in my bag.  The set comes with a list of what might be put into each file and my favorite part are the quotes stitched into each file, reminding us all that parenting is a joy and challenge that we share together.  

To gives these a proper review, I felt that it was going to take bringing these along in our daily lives to see how much I actually used them.  This past week was a hectic one and they were used EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Park, playdates, baseball games, dinner and birthday parties.  Each time I was able to select the files I needed for the event and head off perfectly organized.  A "Type A" Virgo's dream come true.

Clockwise from left: Hanging out at the gym, on our way to a baseball game, and heading out to dinner with the family.
(Please excuse the camera phone photos)

After a week of use I have to say, I REALLY like these files.  For the first time in a while I felt organized and never at a loss for something I forgot.  It was easy to see when a file needed to be refilled and it even reminded me to bring a second set of clothes for Baby Girl, which I forget quite often.  I also love how easily they transition between each bag, allowing me to stay organized regardless of where I am going and the bag I was carrying.  No more emptying out one bag, to fill another bag, simply to go back to the original bag later.

When I shared them with others, the response was always incredibly positive.  Apparently this is a universal mom problem.  Even a parent with older children said they would love to have something like this for their car (seems to be the second most chaotic place for children's things).  The good news here is that SugarSNAP is ahead of the game and has this car system available in May.

SugarSNAP Car-Go Parker (available May)

To make this entire product review even better, SugarSNAP is offering FREE SHIPPING to all Juggling in Heels readers with CODE: JUGGLING (this offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions).  You can order at (other colors also available).  If you love to be organized and feel that very often you are in fact not, you will love these files just as much as I do.

* Juggling in Heels did receive one set of SugarSNAP files free of charge to product review but the opinion is 100% my own.  Juggling in Heels was not compensated for this review. 


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I love the photos of the Files in use. We are thrilled the product was able to make your life a little more organized so it could be a lot more fun!! xoxo, sugarSNAP

  2. Ok, I kind of LOVE these!! Absolutely genius!! If only I was organized enough to actually put things in the right file bag...


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