Friday, March 9, 2012

Life As We Know It

I have decided that I am going to make this "Life As We Know It" thing a regular series (click here for my first one).  Reason being, I love to share Instagram photos and I cannot come up with a new title each time.   Having a "series" makes it sound like this was all planned, don't you think?  This group of photos is all about things that I have been enjoying.  May sound selfish and you perhaps don't believe it, but my life is not 100% children.  Here are some things that I have been loving lately.

I am obsessed with my new lipstick I picked up at Bloomingdales.
It is Rouge in Love by Lancome (146 Miss Coquelicot) and is coral with a slight red in it.  LOVE.

Starbucks and Yoga.
A perfect combination

Two of my favorites new pieces of clothing.
Halston Heritage vest and Rag and Bone white jeans.
YEA for warm weather and Spring clothes!

A new friend in our kitchen thanks to a wonderful house warming gift.
He is now my design inspiration for the kitchen.

My non-shower highlights from my trip to SF.
1. flowers from a market
2. Trash magazine that I NEVER indulge in
3. The outfit that flew there and back with me


  1. Love the series :) And fun news about a blog re-design! Who is doing it?

    1. After looking at a number of designers and quoting, I decided to go with Yellow Savvy Designs. We are going to redo the entire site so I am really excited!

  2. which color was this one that you are in love with? there are choices...

    1. I am so sorry about that! It is 146 Miss Coquelicot. I have updated the link above with the exact color. Thank you for asking!


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