Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This is them.  The Siblings.  All 6 of us.  Yep, there are a lot.  To make it even crazier, there is a 21 year gap between the oldest (that would be me) and the youngest.  Is she actually my daughter?  Many people think so.  I figured that since I share a million photos of the little ones and hubby, I should just start throwing everyone else in the family out there too.  I am sure they will LOVE this.

As much as we come from the same two parents, it is amazing how different (especially in the height category) we are.  We all have our strengths (and perhaps our weaknesses...but if you knew our family, you would know that we would NEVER admit this).  Regardless, these 5 people have helped define who I have become.  They are the reason I could never have imagined having only one child.  They are also the reason I am sad Baby Girl will not have a sister.  We have fought A LOT but they are also the first people I turn to.  I never realized when I was young how important my siblings were to me, but then again, we never do.  Today, I definitely do not take them for granted.  I am lucky and I know that.

The craziest part of this picture for me is that my brother graduating from High School was actually born when I was in High School.  Apparently all you need to do to confirm that you are getting old is look at your drastically younger siblings.  Though I must say, I look WAY better at his graduation than I did at mine.  I won't even show you those pictures because I don't have to.  See, glass is always half full.


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