Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zucchini Pancakes

Remember when I posted the Tomato Feta Salad that was supporting my plan for detoxing?  Well, the same night I made this salad I also made Zucchini Pancakes.  Like I had said, I was adamant about over-indulging in vegetables and why have only one veggie dish for dinner when you can have two? 

These pancakes were so easy to make and did provide a great dose of nutrients as well.  Were they fried?  Yes, but be honest.  Fried just makes it that much better.  Plus, you are allowed to fry vegetables because, well, they are vegetables!

This is a great dish to make for those who are detoxing or perhaps those who have children to feed since adding the word "pancake" to the name is hypnotizing to children.  They do not even know what they are eating.


  1. Oh yum! These look amazing!



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