Friday, August 2, 2013

Just Thinking...

I wish we were still on Kauai.  It was one of my most favorite family vacations.  If you have a chance to visit this island, absolutely do so.  It was amazing.

August has begun and we are now only 19 days from the first day of school.  The last time I was thinking it was the last week of school.  What happened to summer?

Suits is one of the best shows on television.  If you are not watching it, you are missing out.

Speaking of television, there is a trailer for a horror movie that is terrifying.  I close my eyes and hum or put the TV on mute when it comes on.  If you do not know which movie I am talking about then you obviously do not have issues with horror movies like I do.

Baby Girl stayed up talking in her crib until 11:30pm and I am now guessing today is going to be super fun for me.

And yes, my 3 year old is still in a crib.  I really need to order the bed we picked out for her and start transitioning her room.

My 35th birthday is next month.  WHAT?!  Age is totally sneaking up on me.  I think I need to plan a party.

The TV in our room has a neon light that still shines when it is turned off.  At night, it feels like it is shining in my eyes no matter which way we turn the TV.  Annoying.  Is this an age thing?  I do not know what mid-30's will do to you.  Do I need to start sleeping with an eye mask?  If so, I do like this one.  

I am looking forward to the day when butt, fart and all those other great words aren't fun for a 5 year old to say.  It is just a little embarrassing at a restaurant.

I usually do not care about celebrity gossip but I am fascinated by the Simon Cowell love triangle.  I mean..... getting your best friend's wife pregnant seems a bit of a faux pas right?  

I ordered this phone case thanks to the Closet Idealist.  Isn't it fun?

Happy Weekend.


  1. The Conjuring? And yes, Dominic and I plan to see it.


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