Monday, August 26, 2013

The J.Crew Catalog

It is EXTREMELY rare for me to open a catalog and HAVE to go buy something I see.  Of course they are nice to look through, give great styling ideas and provide a little thought into upcoming purchases.  They do not, however, make me run to the computer and try to grab items before I even know what I am doing.  

The recent J. Crew catalog was another story.

I could not get enough of it.  The camo, the leather, the navy.  The hats, sweatshirts, tshirts and pants.  It was out of control.  Have you seen it?  Every page offered a look that I love that I wanted to add to my Fall 2013 wardrobe.  

So yes, I made a trip to J.Crew, thanks to this catalog.  Top of my list was the above Embroidered Emblem Baseball Cap (the first baseball cap I actually liked on myself) and Horsing around sweatshirt (I mean, next trip to Santa Ynez this is a must) and I contained myself from going crazy.  If I had no self control, I would have picked up the following as well.
Camo Tee
Minnie Pant in Bi-Stretch Wool with Zippers
Merino Leather-pocket Sweater
Double-coth Moto Jacket
Just to name a few.

If you haven't received the the catalog, I suggest you make a visit to your local J.Crew to check everything out.  You can try to order online but the hat, sweatshirt and camo t-shirt are all on backorder until October or November Yes, I tried to order online and then was the crazy person who called my local store to see if they had them in stock.

Happy Monday. 

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