Friday, August 9, 2013


What a busy week this was.  After returning from vacation last week I was hoping to get all our laundry done, consistent blog posts, house in order and all our back to school prep completed before we left again this weekend.  That so didn't happen.  Between the hubby traveling all week, meetings, practices and play dates, I have now arrived at Friday with a list that has had nothing crossed off.  Oh well.  We are headed to the desert tomorrow for the last week of summer and I plan on not thinking too much about the list until we return.  Procrastination at its best.

These photos are from last night's evening spent on Bay Island in Newport.  If you have not heard of Bay Island, it is a small island right off of the Newport Peninsula filled with Cape Cod style homes, no roads and incredible views.  I get so caught up in the everyday that sometimes I forget how much beauty there is in Orange County.  We are so quick to run off and vacation somewhere else without realizing how many people plan vacations to where we live.  Last night we were in our own backyard and it felt like a million miles away as we sipped wine with friends and cruised the harbor as the sun set.  It was just perfect.

Happy Weekend.     

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