Thursday, February 13, 2014

Move Forward


I have discovered that I tend to be a negative person.

You would never know it.  

I laugh.  I smile.  I have the best time with friends and family.  But yet, I am still negative.  

Negative about what you ask?

Well, I am discovering.... most everything.

The thing is.  I may not say negative things.  I may never show my negativity.  No, my negativity is defined through my worry.  Worry about me.  Worry about my kids.  Worry about the husband.  

And yes, worrying is being negative.

And it sucks.

And I don't like this characteristic in me.

I worry about bad things happening.
I worry about my children getting hurt by others.
I worry about my successes and failures.
I worry about my children getting sick.
I worry about something happening to my husband when he travels.

This list could really go on and on.

And then something hits me in the face.  

And it is usually another child.

A child who is facing something negative, something scary, and yet shows only positivity.

A child who smiles when they have just gone through chemo.  A child who smiles when they do not know what is happening to them.  A sick child who shows compassion for another sick child.

And then I realize what a fool I am.

We live this life once.  And shitty things are going to happen.  But why worry about them happening before they actually do?  And why is it that children are the ones that teach us adults how to act when it comes to facing something scary and unknown.  Shouldn't we be the ones teaching them?

But so often we are not.

My friend made an amazing comment last week that has stuck with me ever since and hopefully she doesn't mind sharing it here.  

" We try to teach our children to be brave, strong-minded and resilient...but when a child teaches us those things...that's a life lesson".

It couldn't have been better stated.

Becoming an adult seems to bring a world of negativity.  Always expecting the worst, not appreciating what you have, demanding more out of life when what we have been given is a gift.

Children remind us that this is not a negative world.
It is not a place to dwell on what could happen.
It is not a gift that should be wasted.

It is a gift that we should embrace, love and smile each day, because God didn't provide us this gift to spend it worrying.  It was given for us to embrace it fully.

So now I am moving forward.

I have decided there is no room for negativity and worry in my life.  

And I am going to do my best to move beyond this, taking a few lessons from some incredible children that I know.  

And I invite you to join me.

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