Friday, February 7, 2014

The taped rectangle

See that large taped rectangle in the bottom center of the wall?

This might be the only rectangle in the world that can drive me crazy.

The smaller rectangle is a print that is currently being matted and framed.
The two sticks are the lamps that are already purchased and waiting to go in their place.
The large rectangle is a modern wood sideboard that works in the room and is 72 inches long and 32 inches tall, at a price that makes sense.
And it apparently doesn't exist.

I have look at more websites than I can count and have texted my designer more than she cares for with items that I am finding but are just a little bit off.  Perhaps it is a little short of 72 inches long.  Perhaps is is not 32 inches tall.  Perhaps it is not modern enough.  Perhaps the wood is not right.  Perhaps it is more than I want to spend.  Perhaps it is located in Belgium and too much of a pain to get here (true story).  Whatever the problem, I get extremely close to loving one, only to find that it will not work.  

And normally, I have extreme patience with these sorts of things, knowing that at times, it can take a while to find something.  But for whatever the reason, I am determined to find the perfect one, no matter how many hours I spend scouring the internet.  It is totally unlike me but I cannot help it.  I try to step away and then I start searching again.  It is almost like the harder it seems to be to find, the more I am crazed with finding it.

Has this ever happened to you?

I have promised myself that I am not going to look at all this weekend, leaving the hunt for the professional that I have hired to help me with this.  No more sideboard searching for me!  The insanity has got to stop!

And on a less crazy note, the room is coming together quite nicely!  Our bottom rug is almost done and will add some warmth and coverage under the cowhide.  We had a large mirror made that is going to be installed next week and I CANNOT wait to see how it turned out.  Next on the list is wallpaper for the entry and drapes.  It has quickly become my favorite room in the house.  I will be sure to share photos when everything is complete.

Happy Weekend.     


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