Thursday, February 20, 2014


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When I was a younger girl, my father developed an addiction to sneakers.

No matter how many pairs or colors he had, there was always a new pair to pick up.  

During the 90's, my dad and every NBA Star were building their sneaker collection.  

And look where we are today.

Sneakers are EVERYWHERE.

And no longer are they only seen at the gym or with the most casual of looks.

Dresses, skirts, leather pants, skinny jeans.

You name it, sneakers have been invited to join.

And I love this because THEY MAKE SENSE!  

Not only because there are moments when I desperately need a pedicure and need to hide the toes, but because I am running around all the time and though even flats and boots can be comfortable, nothing compares to sneakers.  I also love the way they look with a more formal pant or dress because what fun is it to always follow the traditional rules?  Plus, talk about the perfect shoe that is just as practical in winter as they are in summer.

So my dad was on to something.

Like Father, like daughter.  

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