Monday, February 10, 2014


One thing that I hate to do on my own and absolutely love to get done is my makeup.

Sure I can handle taking care of myself from day to day, but when an event comes up, the first thing I want to do is make an appointment to have my makeup done.  It just makes everything so much easier, allows me to be more adventurous with my look (I can only do so much on myself) and who doesn't love getting a little pampered?  The only downfall of this is that I usually go to a department store to get it done and tend to walk out with products I would not normally use because, well, you are a tad bit obligated to purchase a few things.  Other times I have had someone come to the house but I am spending at least a $100, which can add up during event season.  

This is where Blushington comes in.

Blushington is a makeup and beauty lounge offering incredible services for even better prices.  I had heard this was opening up at Fashion Island but had yet to make a visit.  They invited Baby Girl and I in last Thursday and so we decided to see what Blushington was all about.

First things first.  The space is adorable.  Extremely feminine, fun and immediately gets you excited for a little beauty pampering.  Baby Girl felt instantly at home, and began eating cookies before we even knew what was happening.

For me, I had the option of numerous looks, depending on where I was off to.  I decided to look particularly glamorous for school pick up.  For Baby Girl, they offer a Sweet Pea package, allowing her to feel girlie with mommy while putting on a very minimal amount of makeup.  She still had to pick her look though and of course I was not at all shocked by the one that she picked.  I am in trouble...

We took our seats and it was time to start looking glam.

Thirty minutes later, DONE!

The entire staff at Blushington was extremely friendly. From Stephi, the Founder, to all the makeup artists, they made Baby Girl and I feel extremely welcomed and walked me through all that Blushington can offer.  Some of my favorites:

* The Full Face package - $40 and 30 minutes and I am ready for a night out on the town.

* The Sweet Pea package - I need my makeup done for an event and can I keep Baby Girl entertained for $10 with very little makeup applied?  No brainer.

* Teen Makeup Class - For $50 your teenager can sit with a makeup artist and learn how to properly apply makeup so that they look appropriate and boost confidence without being too made up.  The makeup artist will then do half their face and allow the young lady to do the other half, ensuring she knows how to do it herself!

* At Home Services - Many times my friends and I are running around like crazy people the day of an event due to our kids sports schedules.  Blushington will come to you and make the entire process of getting ready a little less stressful.  Who doesn't love a little girl time prior to an event...especially when champagne can be involved?

* Makeup Series - If you find you can use this service numerous times, you can buy a package offering a certain number of makeup applications for a discounted rate.

This is really just a few items available but I recommend taking a look at all the services and classes offered.

Blushington has locations in Newport Beach, West Hollywood and Dallas.
For more information you can visit their website here.

And the big question.  Will I be back?


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