Thursday, February 6, 2014

New York


Every year, when January comes to a close, two realities set in.  The first is that baseball season has begun which means that for 5 months, we will be moving at 1,000 miles an hour, spending the majority of our time on a baseball field.  The second is that summer is only a few months away and it is time to start chatting about where we would like to go on vacation.

Vacation to some means just taking a break from life.  Hawaii and Mexico are standard destinations for many and are both amazing places to rest and regroup.  To me though, vacation is not just about taking a break from life but also about seeing the world and sharing it with my kids.

I absolutely love traveling with my kids.  To see their faces experience something they have never seen before is amazing.  Just like their parents, they have developed a love for big cities and we have a blast exploring new places together.  So far, their favorite vacations have been Chicago and Washington D.C., both ranked higher than Hawaii, which too many might seem crazy.  For them, not shocking.  And so, when asked where they would like to go this summer for vacation, the answer did not surprise us at all.

New York.

And so, New York we will go.

I can't wait!

Here is the request list I have gathered from the kids (and perhaps myself) so far...
Yankee game
9-11 Memorial
a Broadway show
Natural History Museum
The Met

The amount of things to do in New York is endless so here is my question for all of you.  Have you been to and/or lived in New York with kids?  If so, what are we missing on the list?  Is there anything we must do while we are there with them?  Please share as all suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Have you thought about going anywhere this summer?  I would love to hear!  


  1. We have not taken our kids to NYC, but that is definitely on our list. I, however, lived in New York after college for a few months, so a few suggestions - Central Park, Statue of Liberty, experience the Subway, Times Square - so they can see where the ball drops yearly. We're still trying to come up with vacay ideas for the family. Must tackle this to-do soon!

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestions. There are just so many things to see in NY. I am adding all of these to the list! They are dying to see Times Square, though we told them that it won't be like New Year's!

  2. So fun! We lived there for a bit before getting married so I can't say I know what to do with kids, but the Circle Line Tour should be fun. If I remember correctly it is short and inexpensive...but it has already been 10 years since we lived there so I would double check. It makes sense that when you have beach and warm weather all the time you can really explore when you have a chance to get away. Enjoy!

  3. Try the Circle Line Tour

    We haven't lived there in 10 years (and were without kids), but I remember it was a great way to get another view of the city. Enjoy!

  4. Double-Decker bus in way to go. You can get on and off at just about every spot you'd want to see. Get the two-day pass. Fun for kids and waaaay cheaper than cabs! You also get a tour guide along the way, and the kids think it's fun to be on the double-decker. Touristy for sure, but the best way to see absolutely everything.


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