Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guest Blogger: Louise Loves It

Good morning Juggling in Heels readers!  Thanks to Sarah for letting me guest blog today (hope you are enjoying lots of wine and people watching at the cafés in Paris)!  Coming to you from Chicago where I write Louise Loves It - a blog about things I love: fashion, finds, products, tips, and most especially - bargains!

I am super excited to post today because a much anticipated designer collaboration, with a brand we can all afford, just launched -- Missoni for Target!   A family-based Italian fashion house, Missoni, is a well known luxury brand famous for colorful, patterned knits and a multitude of funky geometric patterns.  This is one of Target's largest designer collaborations ever and I must say there is a lot on my "to-buy" list!  Check out just a few of the many wonderful items in this collection that you can pick up today:

Unique, patterned clothes that warrant a stare

Funky shoes to add a pop of color

Colorful scarfs, tights and gloves to accessorize oneself

Baby clothes, blankets, housewares and more!

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