Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!


I must admit.  I do adore three day weekends.  Who doesn't.  There is nothing like going to bed on Sunday night, knowing that there is still one more day to the weekend.  But isn't Labor Day bittersweet? We love the extra day but then realize that summer has officially come to a close.  Fall is just around the corner and with that leaves the sun, the weather and the beautiful beach days.  

Who am I kidding.  I live in Orange County.  Our summer goes until at least November.  So to all of those who will feel Fall in a few weeks, I am sorry.  For you locals, I will see you at the beach (WITH NO TOURISTS!  YEA!)

Happy Labor Day Everyone!


  1. Here's to toasting Labor Day with a couple of Bloody Mary's...


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