Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Old Becomes New Again

I received this bear from my Uncle when I was 5 years old.

I had been asking for a Gund (remember: "Gotta Getta, Gotta Getta, GUND! - so 80's, I know) and I absolutely loved it.  From first grade until probably 6th grade (yes, I know, perhaps a bit old), I slept with it every night as I was a bit afraid of the dark (admittedly, I still am a bit) and he made me feel safe.  

Fast forward 28 years.

My Middle Man has been having a terrible time with being afraid.  He wakes up in the night from bad dreams and then is exhausted the next day, leading into some tough days at school.  The other night, he was so afraid of a bad dream that he didn't want to go to sleep.  I had no idea what to do until I remembered my bear, that was still with us, sitting in my Baby Girl's room.  I told him that I had a magic bear that I slept with when I was little and that he made sure I was never scared.  This caught his attention and I ran to get the bear.  Middle Man was fascinated and slept with him all night.  He is now hooked.

He has named him Magic Beary and he goes to school with us, watches TV with us, and was even there when my son needed to get a cavity filled.

I am so happy that he has finally found some comfort and love that it came from something that gave me so much comfort growing up.  Who knew this stuffed animal would be so important in both my life and my son's.  He obviously is a magic bear.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this story. I have to remember when my little man is old enough to tell me he had a bad dream. This is too sweet!!!

  2. such a sweet story! I had a pooh bear I had since I was two, he did not look as nice as your Gund bear...anyway, I kept him until our last recent move and then I thought I should do the adult thing and get rid of all my clutter, so I got rid of him. I regret it so much.

    so sweet you get to share your special bear with your boy!


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