Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Back!

Oh it feels good to be home!  France was FABULOUS and you are going to get to hear all about it this week thanks to my new obsession with many things French.  I will share some of my favorite things this week but right now, I need to get this house organized.  So, I am going to quickly share some of the things I learned this week as an American in France.

1. Don't throw up in the Paris airport bathroom
Seems simple enough right?  Apparently not for me.  I am not sure what happened to me.  It could have been the wine, the 11 hours of flying, the not sleeping the entire flight, or the fact that I just got an upset stomach on the landing.  Who knows.  But whatever it was, I was in the bathroom throwing up 10 minutes after landing in France.  Beautiful way to start off the trip.

2. Water is not free
My hubby and I quickly learned that in every cafe or restaurant,  when they ask "still or sparking", "still" does not mean tap water.  It actually means bottled water for 5 Euro.  We spent 50 euro on water before we finally emailed one of my hubby's co-workers from France and found out that we must say "une carafe d'eau".  To us, this means water in a carafe.  To the French, this means that we are cheap.

3. Always finish your dish, no matter how full you are
Every time I did not clean my plate (even during the 4th of 6 courses), the server would immediately ask me "did you not like it?".  I would then feel stupid and explain that I really did but that I was getting full.  This was followed by a look of "Crazy American".  After a couple times of this, I ate everything on all my plates, no matter how full I was.

4. Wine is like water
They drink wine all day.  It is fantastic.  My kind of place.

5. I do not understand the Euro well
I had a really hard time understanding the exchange rate.  On the final day there, I finally grasped how much things cost in US dollars and was shocked at how much I underestimated.  I now know our American Express is going to be much higher than I realized and so therefore, I will not look at the bill.          

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